I have hosted many a "Friday Bride Day" with friends. We indulge in TLC wedding shows and scroll through Pinterest for wedding themed stuff. We're all aware that weddings cost money. Like, a lot of money. We know it's a time consuming process to plan, and a lot of effort goes into it. So I hope one day all my potential guests will be able to share that special day with me and enjoy themselves. Some people are bound to be no-shows, and that's just a fact we'll have to accept. But in no way, shape or form would it ever be ok to bill a no-show guest for the uneaten meal. Tacky doesn't begin to describe that move. And yet, it's happened!

Jessica Baker said she received a bill after missing a wedding reception that she already RSVP'd to. Kids were not invited to the wedding, and her babysitter backed out last second. Hey, it happens. While it's not in good taste that she didn't bother to give the bride or groom proper notice of her absence, she should never have been charged for the missed meals.

Baker's bill came to a total of $75.90. That included two herb crusted walleyes, tax and service charge for $7.95. Also, a note that said: "This cost reflects the amount paid by the bride and groom for meals that were RSVP'd for, reimbursement and explanation for no show, card, call or text would be appreciated."

First of all, sending anything to the no-show guest that brings attention to his or her absence is just a no-no. Second, forcing them to EXPLAIN the absence is just bad manners. And for the cherry on top, you force them to pay for the meal? Oh sweetheart, I hope the two of you weren't that close to begin with, because I don't see that friendship lasting too much longer. Baker has no plans to pay the no-show wedding bill. I don't blame you, girl.