The Business Insider performed a new poll among American's to see which states reigned supreme in areas like food, scenery and good looks. 

Also among the poll questions, they were asked which state has the weirdest accent. The winner, with 16% of the vote after over 1600 people voted was Massachusetts. Southern States Arkansas and Louisiana came in at a close second.

Not to count out Massachusetts, it was also voted the smartest state. We can thank the good people of Harvard for that accomplishment.

Other parts of the poll saw Texas being voted as the worst state, and the state that most American's would like to see kicked out of America. As far as food, New York won that vote. New York was also voted as the best sports fans, and the worst sports fans.

California made the list a couple of times. It was voted as America's favorite state, as well as the state with the most beautiful people. California was also voted the craziest state.

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