NEW BEDFORD - A new series on Netflix shines a light on America's seafood industry, with particular focus on New Bedford.

The docuseries Rotten, produced by Zero Point Zero Productions, “travels deep into the heart of the food supply chain to reveal unsavory truths and expose hidden forces that shape what we eat.”

The final episode in the six-part series is entitled "Cod is Dead," and dives into the challenges facing America's top-dollar fishing port: New Bedford. The episode provides a history of the nation's prosperous fishing industry, and explores how federal regulations designed to replenish fish populations are harming the livelihoods of New Bedford's fishermen.

Much of the episode pays special attention to fishing magnate Carlos Rafael's corrupt practices on the docks, and how his misdeeds are affecting the rest of New Bedford's fishing population.

"Cod is Dead" features interviews with many recognizable faces from New Bedford including former mayor Scott Lang and co-owner of the Whaling City Seafood Display Auction Richie Canastra.

Rotten premiered on Netflix on January 5.

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