There is a rather unique-looking lighthouse off the coast of New London, Connecticut that appears to have a not-so-unique problem as far as lighthouses go – it's haunted, or at least that's according to legend.

My colleague and paranormal expert Tim Weisberg said that "almost all lighthouses are haunted." More on that in a minute.

The lighthouse, often called the New London Light or the New London Lighthouse, is officially the New London Ledge Light.

New London Lighthouse Allegedly Haunted By A Ghost Named Ernie
Aerial New England

The New London Ledge Light, built in 1909 on the Thames River at the mouth of New London Harbor in Connecticut, was automated in 1987 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

The New London Maritime Society owns and maintains the New London Ledge Light as part of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act Program.

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When first built, the lighthouse was named the Southwest Ledge Light, but since there was already a Southwest Ledge Light in New Haven, the lighthouse was renamed the following year.

Legend has it that "Ernie," an early light keeper at the New London Ledge Light, haunted the place until he was "rescued" by two psychics in 1981.

New London Lighthouse Allegedly Haunted By A Ghost Named Ernie
Aerial New England

Coast Guardsmen who occupied the lighthouse before it was automated claim to have experienced strange occurrences such as noises in the night, doors opening and closing, the television turning off and on repeatedly, and their blankets pulled off of their bed.

According to, "Ernie was an 'Earthbound' – a spirit that isn't able to leave the Earth after a traumatic death."

The psychics, Roger and Nancy Pile, said Ernie killed himself with a fishing knife following a fight with his girlfriend. The Piles were unable to ascertain the date of Ernie's death.

Ernie's ghost reportedly still visits the lighthouse.

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