The New Hampshire Ice Castles have returned for another awe-inspiring season in North Woodstock and this year the illuminated ice is more romantic than ever.

If you happen to be planning a proposal this winter, then you need to see the Arctic Alcove at this season's ice castles. It is a private nook inside all the ice complete with seating and a fire pit for special occasions and super romantic proposals.

Only those that book this space are allowed into this space, so you know you are secluded in the ice for your special moment. It's perfect for people who don't exactly love the idea of being proposed to in public.

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For those who are just planning a trip up north to see the this year's crop of icy goodness, there is plenty for you to do at the Ice Castles, too. The slides built entirely of ice are back, as are the crawl tunnels that are not for the claustrophobic. Plus, you can take the fun beyond the castles with hills for tubing and sleigh rides through the illuminated forest.

Mary Siversten via
Mary Siversten via

It is the illuminated forest addition from a few year ago that I love the most. Don't get me wrong, the ice castles are stunning and standing inside them is so cool (literally), but walking along the Mystic Forest Light Walk is like something out of a fairy tale, especially if you are lucky enough to be there with snow covering the ground. It's like everything around you is glowing and it just feels so magical.

Clearly these ice castles are getting bigger and better each year to become the frozen attraction of the season. The 2022 season is just about ready to go with tickets officially going on sale January 1, 2022. Hopefully North Woodstock, New Hampshire stays cold enough for a long ice castle season into March. So get your tickets and make sure you've got everything you need to know before you go.

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