NEW BEDFORD - Students at New Bedford High School now have a leg up in the burgeoning Biotech industry.

School and City officials unveiled the school's new Biotechnology Lab and Biotechnology Training Program, which was made possible by a $110,000 grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, and has enabled the high school to implement the Amgen Biotech Experience lab series.

New Bedford High School Lead Science Teacher Dr. Chu Kwen Ho wrote the grant, and tells WBSM News students in the program can look forward to endless possibilities if they choose to pursue Biotechnology beyond high school.

"One career that they will be able to do is be a scientist in a Biotechnology lab," said Dr. Ho. "Also, they can go to a medical school. All the careers in the STEM fields. We are trying to train them to have the basic skills that are required to enter the workforce of the 21st century."

At the unveiling, students were seen in the lab donning lab coats and working with microscopes and test tubes. The new lab boasts the latest Biotechnology apparatus, equipment, tools, and supplies that are in use by real-world scientists today.

Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin spoke to students at the lab's unveiling, saying they owe a lot to Dr. Ho and his efforts.

"Remember what Dr. Ho has done," encouraged Dr. Durkin. "Do not disappoint him or me, and do your very best in taking advantage of this terrific opportunity."

Dr. Ho says the lab, coupled with the Biotechnology Training Program, has the capability to open countless doors for students.

"That curriculum actually is aligned with these Next Generation Science Standards, so they can learn about technology at very high standards which is also aligned with the other standards that will make them very, very good in Biotechnology."

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