NEW BEDFORD- Two new police officers were officially added to the New Bedford Police Department Thursday morning. Officers Mike Conley and James Marinelli were sworn in during a formal ceremony held in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Mayor Jon Mitchell and Chief Cordeiro addressed the two officers, who both completed six months of training at the Massachusetts State Police Academy, capped by a graduation ceremony from the academy last Friday.

Mayor Mitchell told Conley and Marinelli how the city values and needs a dedicated police department. He also spoke highly of New Bedford Police, even claiming they “stood out” to him compared to other law enforcement agencies during his career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney.

“As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, I can tell you from that vantage point that I’ve worked with police departments and other law-enforcement agencies in every level of government, that the New Bedford Police Department stood out as a highly professional, highly trained, and high performing police department” the mayor said.

Chief Cordeiro addressed the officers and their families and friends who were watching. He thanked and congratulated the two men, while also advising their families to support them through the high and low points of their new career. The Police Chief also recognized the difficulties of being a modern-day police officer in America.

"This is a tough job. It is a rewarding job, but there are days--everybody has bad days on their job, but when we have a bad day, it's a bad day, if you know what I mean" Cordeiro said.

Lieutenant Ricard Rezendes, City Councilor Linda Morad, and Pastor Casey of the South Coast Community Church briefly addressed the officers as well. City-Councilors Ian Abreu and Steve Martins also attended the ceremony.

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