Poor Jake Dean is getting dragged on the internet.

After his very smiley pose in MariMed’s historic “world’s largest” pot brownie photo, many were left joking that he definitely licked the spoon.

According to the press release from MariMed Inc, the brownie was made at the company's New Bedford facility to commemorate the launch of a new edible line.

“MariMed’s craft confectioners in Massachusetts baked a larger-than-life version of a Bubby’s soft-baked brownie that is believed to be the world’s largest THC-infused brownie ever made," the company said. "The confection measures three feet wide by three feet long and 15 inches tall, weighs a whopping 850 pounds, and contains 20,000mg of THC.”

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The five-person team quickly became the photo seen ‘round the world as news of the National Brownie Day surprise spread across the internet. Noticeably, the team was very happy to be there.

According to LinkedIn, Jake Dean is the Senior Food Scientist at MariMed Inc. He was undoubtedly very proud of his team’s achievement, as any scientist would be. Obviously, the guy was going to grin ear-to-ear knowing that he was about to become internet famous - how exciting, right?


But as the story started circulating around the world and then picked up by TMZ, the commenters did what they did best and a lot of them, unfortunately, were at the expense of Dean’s totally normal, happy face. He may just be the most screenshotted face of the day. Did Dean wake up today thinking his face would be synonymous with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson? Probably not, so this sounds like a career highlight to me.

The witty world of social media comment threads did not disappoint, as people from around the world chimed in on Massachusetts' proudest achievement. The brownie was all the things: burnt, unnecessary, amazing, dumb, a dream, photoshopped, and more.

What may have been the most high-larious comment came from Tom Hadford on Oakland, California's KTVU Fox 2 Facebook page.

"Like a car giveaway, They should sign up a bunch of pot heads to stand by it with their hand on it and last one to take their hand off wins it!!!"

Here are some other funny replies to the news that an 850-pound cannabis-infused brownie had been born.

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