Strolling through the West End of New Bedford, my wife and I couldn't help but notice something unusual nailed to the trees lining the sidewalk. Each tree had a tag with a random number, similar to dog tags.

Curiosity took over, so I reached out to New Bedford Public Information Officer Jonathan Darling to help unravel the mystery. He explained that Bartlett Tree Services had been contracted by the city to conduct a comprehensive inventory of all the street trees across New Bedford. These tags serve to identify each tree by number.

He also said that tagging and numbering trees is a standard practice when municipalities undertake tree inventories. This allows for accurate record-keeping and management of urban forestry resources. Each tag helps track the health, species and maintenance needs of trees.

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By cataloging each tree, the city can address issues such as disease, pest infestations, and physical damage more effectively. This also helps to extend the lifespan of the trees and maintain the aesthetic and environmental benefits they provide. Trees play a critical role in urban settings by improving air quality, providing shade, and enhancing the overall beauty of the streetscape.

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Furthermore, the data collected from this inventory will aid in future planning and environmental conservation efforts across the city. It will also help city planners make decisions about planting new trees, maintaining existing ones, and identifying areas that may need more greenery.

We feel a newfound appreciation for the tagged trees and the city's efforts to maintain and improve the urban greenery. It's reassuring to know that each tree is being carefully monitored, contributing to a healthier and more beautiful city.

Kudos, New Bedford.

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