Sandra Quadros Bowles is a former staff writer for the New Bedford Standard Times. She is now Compliance Officer for the New Bedford Police Department, according to her Facebook page.

Bowles came on my radar when she attempted to discredit the story Chris McCarthy and I started on my radio show back in July when we challenged an anecdotal story by Hillary Rodham Clinton at her Democratic Convention acceptance speech. She claimed to have met a young girl in a wheel chair in New Bedford, MA who was wasting away on her family's apartment porch because the schools of New Bedford turned her away because of her disability.

We found politicians and school teachers of that time in 1973 and determined that Hillary lied. The story then began to attract national media and that's when the New Bedford Standard Times printed an article by Ms. Bowles stating that she had found a witness to Hillary's account; a charming 84 year old city woman, Marlene Tavares.

Mrs. Tavares surfaced in Bowles article despite the fact that she is not recorded anywhere to have ever worked with the young Hillary Rodham in 1973 New Bedford in the Children's Defense Fund report or anywhere else. Despite Tavares recapping her life in a Standard Times article just several years ago and never mentioning this.  Despite her never telling her good friend and political ally of many years, Buddy Andrade about her working closely with the woman who would one day be First Lady, US Senator, Secretary of State and presidential candidate, the experienced reporter took her at her word. So did the newspaper.

If we're just observing, what are we to think when we saw Mayor Jon Mitchell, a proud Hillary Clinton supporter and who openly abetted the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton in breaking state election laws by encompassing off an area surrounding a polling station with police tape affecting voters on primary voting day. Both there promoting Hillary for President were well within the legal radius of 150 feet of the polling station, and we then saw a reporter who helped Hillary Clinton out of a potential scandal with a poorly vetted witness in her investigation and one that the Washington Post completely ignored while Fact Checking this in an article on September 19,  is soon after given a job by the same city over which Mayor Jon Mitchell presides.

In the WaPo's Fact Check, part of the deciding factor in believing Hillary came from information provided by New Bedford School Department Community & Public Affairs Manager Jonathan Carvalho, a former Standard Times reporter and also hired by Hillary Clinton supporter, Mayor Jon Mitchell.

In speaking with the reporter from the Washington Post, Michelle Ye Hee Lee, told me Carvalho never disclosed this as he accused former Mayor John Markey of being wrong about 1973 transportation for the disabled children of New Bedford in one of the nation's biggest newspapers. She was also not able to reach the Tremblay Bus Company who likely have records from 1973, while they were the vendor to the city providing transportation for the disabled.

It seems quite inappropriate for the reporter, Ms. Bowles to print a story of a witness whose account comes with zero evidence of credibility and which favored the candidate favored by the man ultimately hiring her in Jon Mitchell, during a high political season while she simultaneously negotiated employment with the city.

Here are a few Tweets over the last 10 months by the newest New Bedford employee. This was while she worked for the New Bedford Standard Times:

Sandra Quadros Bowles pol tweets
Sandra Quadros Bowles pol tweets
I report, you decide.


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