Missing Silmo coffee syrup? You may not have to miss it much longer. After vanishing from the SouthCoast more than 20 years ago, it appears that the rumors are true: Silmo Syrup will be returning.

We recently brought you back inside the world of Silmo Syrups with some vintage photos, but that was only the beginning.

Michael and Maddie got their taste of some of the first batch of coffee syrup produced in New Bedford in years. City Councilor Ian Abreu stopped in this morning with a jug of the coffee syrup to give us a taste. The syrup was made in his kitchen using the secret recipe that has been tucked away in an undisclosed location.

Abreu's grandfather was one of the owners of the brand back in the '70s and '80s, and his family has since bought back the rights to the Silmo name.

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Abreu confirmed plans for the immanent return of Silmo Syrup and a comeback as early as next year.

"We're going to start moving forward in 2022," he said. "I'm not saying we're going to have this on store shelves in 2022, but I'm saying the process will be started. Hopefully by the middle of the year, or the third or fourth quarter, we'll be ready to go."

Their plans are to "start small," he said, with the syrup being offered at local restaurants and farmer’s markets. Abreu said he's already secured verbal commitments from a number of local restaurants to offer Silmo-based beverages on their menu. After that, the hope is for the syrup to be available at SouthCoast grocery stores.

The original coffee syrup was produced with caffeine in it, so there are also plans to also make a decaf version. In addition to the coffee syrup, Abreu’s family still has the recipes for vanilla, chocolate and strawberry syrup, along with a number of sodas.

"I can guarantee you the business will be New Bedford-based," Abreu said.

Additional Reporting by Sierra Fiore 

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