We are almost halfway through the summer, and that means it's time to start thinking about going back to school in September. So if you have youngster that is looking to start Kindergarten, we have a list of places and times for you to register them on the start of their education!

Western Section of New Bedford:

Brooks, Carney Academy, Hathaway, Hayden-McFadden,Kempton,Pacheco,Parker, Rodman Schools areas

Register at Hayden McFadden Elementary School, July 23 and 24 4pm-7pm

Southern Section of New Bedford:

Congdon, DeValles, Gomes, Hannigan, Renaissance, Taylor, Winslow Schools.

Register at Alfred J. Gomes Elementary School July 30-31 4pm-7pm.

Northern Section of New Bedford:

Ashley, Campbell, Lincoln, Pulaski, Swift Schools.

Register at Abraham Lincoln School August 6-7 4pm-7pm