NEW BEDFORD - This year will hopefully prove more efficient for those that plow New Bedford's streets during snowstorms.

The City installed a new salt shed on Mount Pleasant Street in the North End, with a 2,000 ton capacity. DPI Commissioner Zeb Arruda tells WBSM News it used to take North End plows 40 minutes to reload at the Liberty Street salt shed and make it back to the North End. "Now, we've cut that time in half. What that means is more time for that truck to be on the road, pre-treating our roads and treating our roads for vehicle traffic," says Arruda.

Arruda says the City has added several new pick-up trucks, back hoes and front loaders, and mechanics have serviced 120 vehicles that will be aiding in cleanup should the city get slammed with snow.

Arruda says the most important thing residents can do is to abide by the City's parking ban whenever it's implemented.