According to his wife, Vincent Peters is a fighter. He never gives up and is the most determined person on the planet.

"My husband had a rough childhood growing up. I’ll tell you I’ve never met somebody more determined than him. He had a lot of setbacks when trying to join the Army, but one thing I know about Vince, he never gives up. After everyone saying he’d never get it, he finally proved everyone wrong and excelled in the Army, even serving overseas on deployment," she said. "But that was only one step. My husband always had a big heart. He loves his community and cares for others. Unfortunately, his dream to be a police officer was a long battle. Everyone doubted he could get it but after several years, he finally got his dream, to help others and represent our city."

Kat Peters showed pride in all of her husband's successes but stood by him when things weren't so shiny and bright, as well.

"Unfortunately, my husband started experiencing what the Veterans Administration called 'PTSD-like episodes' about two years ago. No one could explain why. When he first started experiencing it, the hospital labeled it as anxiety. If you know my husband, you’d know that’s unlikely, he is the most positive, happy-go-lucky guy. The VA dismissed it as either deployment-related or unresolved childhood trauma," she said.

"Finally, after two years of dealing with these bothersome episodes, he was finally given an MRI, and what they found changed our lives. They found a giant mass that was quickly described as a brain tumor that they say has been there growing for years," she said. "The worst part is because it has been there for so long it has formed in a very complicated part of the brain and surgery will be very complex and may take a long while to recover. Just when we thought our lives were taking a turn for the better."

Vince's spirits are still high, even after all of the negative news.

"I can’t believe my husband still remains positive and the most happy-go-lucky guy I know. The doctor explains it is nothing short of a miracle, given where this tumor is, and the size, how my husband is able to do what he has. I’ll tell you if we ever had a doubt in God we surely don’t anymore. Every time someone apologizes to my husband he always responds, 'Trust me, I’m like a bad hemorrhoid, you can’t get rid of me.'"

Kat and Vince have a very long and difficult road ahead of them. They choose to live their lives to the fullest but understand that it takes a village to get through times like these.

"Due to his surgery, he will be out of work for an undetermined amount of time," she said. "I will be his primary caregiver, so I won’t be able to work since he will require constant care and rehabilitation. So, we’re going to be facing a lot of expenses and bills."

The couple shared their story on a GoFundMe page to request assistance from the community.

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