It was a crazy morning for the New Bedford police and fire departments after an emergency delivery in a home on Cotter Street.

The NBFD facebook page announced the news of a baby boy being brought into the world Tuesday November 10th at about 4 a.m. by a New Bedford police officer.

They say they were called to a home on Cotter Street where a woman's water had broken and when the fire crew from Engine 8-Group D arrived, the baby boy was well on his way into the world thanks to police officer Michael Cassidy.

As The Standard Times later discovered, the woman was visiting family here from France when she went into labor. The officer also had to contend with the umbilical cord, which was wrapped around the baby's neck.

Officer Cassidy along with members of the NBFD got the infant delivered safe and sound, cleared his nose and mouth, wrapped him in a blanket and then transported mother and child to St Luke's Hospital.

Both are said to be doing well.

No word on the new arrival's name, but the parents may want to consider Michael.