A New Bedford Police officer is being heralded for an act of generosity to a victim of theft.

A few weeks ago an 82-year-old woman called New Bedford Police to report that a thief had stolen a shipment of steak and shrimp from her porch.

Officer Jason Viera responded and the victim told him she planned on using the food for a special dinner with her son.

Viera took her information and told her he would file a report and would send her a report with a file number.

However, Samantha Laubenstein, who is married to the victim's grandson, told WBSM News that when she went to the mailbox she found so much more.

"So she went and checked her mailbox and there was a file number and then there was a note that said 'I hope you can enjoy your steak and shrimp dinner with your son' and he gave her a Stop & Shop gift card," said Laubenstein.

Laubenstein shared the story on social media saying that in a time when there is so much distrust between the police, a story like this needs to be heard.

"I hate seeing the negativity of police all the time, on the news and social media, so it was kind of nice to have a local, feel good story so I decided to share it," said Laubenstein.

The victim sent a thank-you letter to Viera for an act of generosity that Laubenstein says still overwhelms their entire family.

"She wants to extend her gratitude to Officer Viera, and the New Bedford Police Department, we are all just very thankful," said Laubenstein "it was really refreshing to have something so positive come out of a negative."

The New Bedford Police Department will be holding a ceremony to honor Officer Viera.

The ceremony will take place at 9 a.m. Thursday at New Bedford Police Headquarters located at 871 Rockdale Ave.

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