NEW BEDFORD — A pizza delivery driver in New Bedford is being credited with doing the right thing after finding money in the parking lot of the restaurant where he works.

Torin Grace, 20, of New Bedford, was leaving the Domino's store at 109 Rockdale Avenue in the South End on Monday night when he spotted what looked like a $100 bill on the ground in the parking lot. Upon closer inspection, Grace found not one, but two $100 and a $50 bill.

Grace picked up the cash and began looking around for someone who may have dropped the money, but saw no one. Instead of pocketing the money, the delivery driver returned to the store and handed the money to his store manager and asked her to place it in the store's safe until the rightful owner was found.

After two days, the money remained unclaimed, which prompted fellow Domino's employees to visit nearby businesses and ask if anyone had recently inquired about any recovered money.

Within hours, an employee of the nearby AutoZone store called Domino's and reported that a regular customer who had recently paid for car parts with cash had called their store asking if anyone had found any money that she had lost.

Domino's employees contacted the woman, Katie Gonzalez, and returned the money to her on Thursday evening. As Katie claimed her money, she made sure to take the time to express her gratitude to Grace for his honesty and selflessness.

”All our success comes from hiring the best,” said franchise owner Nelson Hockert-Lotz. “Torin Grace is an exceptional Team Member, with unquestioned integrity.”
“When no one was looking, Torin did the right thing. For that, he has our gratitude."

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