It was a moving scene last night outside of St. Luke's Hospital in New Bedford. Police, firefighters, and first responders from all over the SouthCoast showed their support of one of their brothers who was in the COVID unit of St. Luke's.

A blanket of quiet was draped over a socially distanced crowd. Officers and firefighters stood next to their cruisers and firetrucks. Ambulances joined the parade of support.

Courtesy of Kris Nordstrom/SAIL Magazine

They gathered over the course of a half-hour, then all flipped on their emergency lights to signal solidarity with the New Bedford police officer who was in his hospital room. The officer continues to fight COVID-19 with all he has.

Tears streamed down faces and lumps appeared in throats as the officer – physically supported by others – willed his way  to his hospital room window and gave a thumbs up in what was described by one witness as "a goosebumps moment."

Courtesy of Kris Nordstrom/SAIL Magazine

"There was no noise," she said. "That's what was so weird about it. All those people outside the hospital, but there was no noise."

Kris Nordstrom, a local photographer for SAIL magazine, was able to capture the moments with her still photography. Nordstrom also went live on her Instagram page to capture the emotional scene.

Cruisers and firetrucks from Acushnet, New Bedford, Fairhaven, Massachusetts State Police and other agencies from all over the SouthCoast made the trip to light up the street outside of St. Luke's Hospital.

The identity of the New Bedford Police officer is being withheld in the interest of privacy.

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