NEW BEDFORD — While on his weekly segment on WBSM on Thursday, New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell voiced his reaction to the indictment of Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia.

Mayor Mitchell said that he was not surprised when arrested Thursday morning. Mitchell said he had heard a lot of talk in the past year from credible sources who have said that a number of people had gone front of the grand jury. He said as a former federal prosecutor, he knows that if the government is spending that much time on an investigation an indictment usually follows.

The New Bedford Mayor told WBSM listeners that he feels badly for the citizens of Fall River. Mitchell pointed out that there has been very little of the stability in City Hall in that city in a long time.

Mayor Mitchell also said on Thursday that he feels that the two cities are often linked by those outside of southeastern Massachusetts, although they are distinctly two very different places. Mitchell said New Bedford's economy is maritime while Fall River's is not. He noted that the economy of Fall River is based on manufacturing and distribution.

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