New Bedford's Marine Commerce Terminal welcomed its first guest as the MV Thorco Svengorg arrived Monday afternoon.

The cargo ship is delivering wind turbine components for a wind project in Plymouth.

Maritime International is the company overseeing the unloading of the vessel and president David Wechsler says it's a promising sign for more investment in the city's harbor.

"It's gratifying after working for more than two years from my point of view to finally see a ship come in. It's been a real team effort and it's encouraged our company to invest in New Bedford," said Wechsler.

This is the first time the $113 million terminal has been used, but it is still not running at 100%. Once complete, the terminal will be able to unload traditional heavy cargo and serve as a staging area for offshore wind projects.

Mayor Jon Mitchell says the terminal is a long-term investment in the city's waterfront.

"This terminal was not built for a single project, it was built for the next 100 years to be a key part of this port's infrastructure and will be paying dividends over that long period of time," said Mitchell.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) oversaw the construction of the site and agrees it will help New Bedford generate new economic activity.

"MassCEC is focused on activating the terminal to create new economic activity for the South Coast and for the state, and I'm pleased to welcome this first customer to the terminal,” said MassCEC CEO Alicia Barton in a press release.

Local longshoremen will be unloading the cargo that will eventually be trucked up Route 6 to Plymouth.