A New Bedford man is indicted by a Bristol County Grand Jury in relation to a deadly shooting in January.

36-year-old Jason Valliere of New Bedford has been indicted on murder and firearms charges for the January 22 killing of a MetroPCS employee. Valliere is charged with fatally shooting 36-year-old Javon Brown of Dartmouth, a manager at the MetroPCS cell phone store on Coggeshall Street.

Prosecutors say Brown was shot twice, once inside the store and once outside in broad daylight.

Valliere was seen driving back to his South End home in his Mercedes Benz immediately after the shooting, leaving his own cell phone in the Coggeshall Street store. Prosecutors say Valliere's clothes that were worn during the shooting were left at his apartment, and blood stains were found on the steering wheel and the gear shift of the Mercedes.

No date has been set for Valliere's arraignment in Fall River Superior Court.