New Bedford Police have made an arrest in the recent thefts of five motorized vehicles from unsuspecting owners.

20-year-old Mike Robles-Negron of New Bedford was arrested and charged with stealing motorized vehicles from prospective sellers. Police say Robles-Negron met with the sellers, who he connected with online or through a mobile app, took the vehicles for what he said was a test drive and never returned.

Officer Nelson Goncalves was patrolling the area near Carlos Pacheco School at 8:46 a.m. Monday, when he saw a truck and a scooter in the rear lot of the school. He remembered that, in the last few months, five incidents of motorized vehicle thefts have been reported in the area. An additional incident took place in a parking lot at 133 Hathaway Road.

Officer Goncalves spoke to a Marstons Mills man, who was looking to sell his scooter. A deal had been arranged for the sale of the scooter via OfferUp to a male who identified himself to the seller as "John." Officer Goncalves learned the true identity of the male was Mike Robles-Negron.

Officer Goncalves confirmed Robles-Negron was a suspect in the recent incidents and also learned that he had active warrants as a result of recent charges being filed. Robles-Negron was arrested as a result. While being placed in the cruiser, Robles-Negron kicked Officer Goncalves in the stomach and was charged with assault and battery on a police officer.

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