We all want the New Bedford Bay Sox to succeed and remain at Walsh Field for many years to come but are beer and wine sales really the key to that that success?

The New Bedford City Council's Property Committee on Tuesday night, May 17, will take up a proposal that would have the city accept some three thousand square feet of space at Paul Walsh Field from the School Committee for the purpose of selling beer and wine during Bay Sox games.  A divided School Committee approved the transfer last month.  Should the five member committee, chaired by Ward One Councilor Jim Oliveira agree, the full Council would have to approve but it's the Licensing Board that would have the final say as to whether booze can be sold there. State law prohibits the sale of alcohol on school property, making the transfer necessary.

I am not against beer or wine nor am I against alcoholic beverages being consumed in the presence of children, provided it is done responsibly. But what I do object to is alcohol being introduced at a venue where it does not currently exist and that is being used for family entertainment involving mostly people not even old enough to buy a drink.

Changing the rules so that New Bedford High can be the first high school in the state with a bar on it's athletic field is not appealing to me.  The idea is supported by Mayor Jon Mitchell and the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce but former Mayor Scott Lang, who brought the team to New Bedford in 2009, is opposed and so am I.

If selling beer and wine is the only way The Bay Sox can make it in New Bedford than perhaps it is not a match that was meant to be and the team might want to explore other options.

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