NEW BEDFORD — New Bedford Police on Monday announced the biggest fentanyl bust in the history of the department, following a months-long investigation.

Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro announced the seizure in a press conference broadcast on Facebook Live through the department’s official Facebook page.

Police say they seized 7.2 kilos, or nearly 16 pounds, of fentanyl from two apartments located at 2100 Phillips Road. According to Cordeiro, the drugs have a street value of approximately $400,000. A long list of drug processing paraphernalia and $2,440 was confiscated in those locations during the raid.

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Ramon Emilio Genao, of 2100 Phillips Rd. Apt. No. 3 and Apt. No. 20, was the target of search warrants. He was arrested and charged with trafficking fentanyl in 200 grams or more.
Detective Samuel Algarin-Mojica led the investigation involving multiple detectives from Narcotics and Gang units, although the investigation was not gang-related.

“Narcotics enforcement has made great strides in the past five years due to a highly skilled team and the collaborative approach of both units being led by Lt. Justin Kagan under the command of Capt. Al Sousa,” Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro said during the press conference.

Police say the following were instrumental in this raid: Sgt. Jarrod Gracia, Sgt. Jon Lagoa, and Sgt. Andrew Simmons along with Detectives Bruce Szyndlar, Marciano Silva, Lavar Gilbert, Kevin Barbosa, Jon Lagoa, Andrew Simmons, Nate Almeida, Steve Gwozdz, Tim Soares, Matt Sylvia, Jordan Dasilva, and Drew Frenette.

Chief Joseph Cordeiro said “This puts an immediate strain on the supply of fentanyl in the city and greater area,” Chief Cordeiro said. “Opioid-dependent individuals will notice the impact as their suppliers will seek alternative sources. We hope for an uptick in individuals seeking treatment while the supply is limited, and our outreach workers will be working diligently to aid those who are suffering.”

This type of successful seizure can only be accomplished when members of the community, anonymous or not, provide information to investigators by calling our tip line at (508) 991-6300 Ext. 1, he added.

Courtesy New Bedford Police
Courtesy New Bedford Police

“This is an exceptional quantity of drugs seized for a single investigation,” said Lt. Kagan. “Many investigations combined throughout a year may provide a significant volume. But a single investigation producing this quantity is exceptional.”

It is because of the highly professional and extensive work these officers are doing every day that we see the rate of crime incidents in New Bedford consistently dropping. “We continue to strengthen our bonds with members of the community to ensure every member of our City is kept safe,” said Cordeiro. “We continue to pursue safety and security of city every day.”

Courtesy New Bedford Police
Courtesy New Bedford Police

"This successful investigation resulted in a significant seizure of narcotics by any measure, but especially for a single event, culminating in the largest seizure of fentanyl in the city. The city and its residents are safer thanks to the hard work of the detectives and officers involved in this investigation,” said Mayor Jon Mitchell.

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