New Bedford High School has graduated from the National Academy Foundation. The announcement was made Tuesday by several officials, and means the high school will be adding three new academies in the fall of this year in addition to it's engineering academy.

Superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin says the graduation of three academies is a huge accomplishment. "One that, I'll be honest with you, was told to us we couldn't probably do. And if you know anything about this administration with Ms. Coelho, that's all we need to be told: we won't be able to do it. Because that makes us even more eager and ready to do it," said Dr. Durkin.

The high school will be adding an Academy of Finance, Information Technology, and Health Sciences. Headmaster Bernadette Coelho says the school is also focusing on building an Academy of Arts and Humanities. Any student in the high school can enroll in one of the school's four academies.

Mayor Jon Mitchell says if anybody had any doubts over the high school, this should put them at rest. "If you're interested in sending your child to a high school that will put your kid in a position to reach his or her highest potential, this is the place. It's New Bedford High School," said Mitchell. "It offers so much and I'll put it up against any high school in the region."

New Bedford High School is one of eight in the country to successfully graduate three academies at once from the NAF.