“I started transitioning from walking to running at the end of 2010 in an attempt to become healthier. I was over weight at the time. With the help of encouraging co-workers, I ran my first race in March of 2011. Seems crazy when I think that my first race was The New Bedford Half Marathon. It was a 13.1 mile journey, but I'm forever grateful I did it. Specifically because it changed my life for the better. I now run it every year. Not only has it become the one I looked forward to the most, but it's the one I celebrate all the great things & people that running has brought into my life.”

- Janytzabell (Jany) Rodriguez-Ramos

Tim Watterson

“Three years ago, when I was 56 years old, I joined a Couch To 5 Mile Running Program in Mattapoisett. My goal was to eventually participate in the July 4th Mattapoisett Road Race. To my great surprise I became hooked on running and now I try to run three to five times a week. While I have run numerous 5ks and a few other distant races in the past three years, I have never run the New Bedford Half Marathon. I decided to run the NBHM since it is the premier running event in the New Bedford area. I am looking forward to stepping outside my comfort zone, and challenging myself by running this popular half marathon.”

- Tim Watterson