NEW BEDFORD — Acting New Bedford Fire Chief Scott Kruger has been appointed as the city's official Fire Chief, after Mayor Jon Mitchell announced the decision Thursday.

Mitchell has asked the city council to confirm Kruger's appointment.

Kruger was selected based on his 31 years of service in the city as well as his top-scoring performance in a state-administered civil service exam and assessment, the mayor noted in a statement.

He has held the Acting Fire Chief position since August 2020.

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Kruger began working for the city as an EMT in 1991.

Two years later, he joined the fire department as a firefighter, serving as a lieutenant, a captain, a district chief, and then acting deputy fire chief before taking on the role of Acting Chief.

Courtesy City of New Bedford
Courtesy City of New Bedford

In September 2020, he struck a child while driving a department vehicle, causing minor injuries. Witnesses said he immediately stopped to render aid before EMS arrived.


Police said at the time that an investigation found that Kruger was not at fault, as he was not speeding and the child ran out from behind a parked car.

He holds a degree in fire science technology from Bristol Community College as well as being a licensed paramedic.

The mayor's office stated that Kruger helped equip the city's emergency vehicles with EpiPens, which can save the lives of those suffering severe allergic reactions, and hydroxocobalamin, or cyano-kits, which help treat severe smoke inhalation.

“Chief Kruger exemplifies what it means to be a professional firefighter. His long record of service to the City of New Bedford speaks for itself,” Mitchell said.

He added, “The Chief’s strong leadership skills and experience have proven invaluable during the most difficult days of the pandemic, as he’s worked tirelessly to ensure the health and safety of our residents and the firefighters under his command.”

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