Quick action by New Bedford Police, Fire, and EMS crews saved the life of a fisherman over the weekend.

A fisherman aboard the clam boat "Misty Dawn" out of New Bedford was struck in the abdomen by loose rigging on the ship, causing a life-threatening injury.

The Coast Guard was alerted by the crew, but was unable to render immediate assistance. Luckily, off-duty Port Security Patrolman David Roy heard the call for help, and coordinated with Fire and EMS crews to dispatch a fire boat to the "Misty Dawn" which was heading into port.

EMS Deputy Director Steve Arruda says the fisherman was in rough shape when help arrived.

Arruda says EMS crews treated the man, who was conscious within minutes. The unidentified fisherman was transported to Rhode Island Trauma Center where he's making a recovery.

Firefighters Charlie Bailey, Kyle Canastra, Emmanuel Soares, and EMS workers Bill Sullivan, Jennifer Cabral, and Mike Thomas are all credited with the rescue.