Pride and support swelled among the attendants of a candlelight vigil in New Bedford for the victims of the Orlando shooting.

Bev Bacelli of the Southcoast LGBTQ Network spoke at length on what needs to be done to combat hate in society. Bacelli says the gay community needs to be on the front lines, confronting hate speech. "If we don't confront hateful speech and actions each and every time we hear it and see it, then we're going to become part of the divisiveness and alienation that's going to lead us to the next Orlando," said Bacelli.

Andy Pollock, President of the former Marriage Equality Coalition, says it's ok if people are feeling anger. "I'm pissed. I hope you are, too," said an impassioned Pollock. "We should be righteously angry. Anger does move people. It's bad if you have anger and you don't have a good outlet. But if you're angry and you have a positive outlet, change happens."

Also speaking at the vigil were Mayor Jon Mitchell, City Council President Linda Morad, and others who recognized New Bedford as a welcoming and supportive community, and prayed for the victims and others affected by the Orlando massacre.

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