Councillor-at-Large Naomi Carney wants to see safer streets in New Bedford.

Speaking on "The Taylor Cormier Show," Carney says speeding in residential areas continues to be a major issue, and she'd be in favor of installing speeding cameras in hot spots throughout the city. "I would love to see something like that which could catch these people and could show the speed limit so we can just issue citations through the mail and catch them with license plates and cameras that we show that they did something wrong," said Carney.

Carney says such a tool would free up police officers to focus on other aspects of public safety.

In addition to slowing down cars, Carney would like to see cleaner streets. Carney, who works in the Bristol County Sheriff's Community Work Program, says recently inmates have been cleaning up City streets, and would like to see a stronger partnership between the City and the Sheriff's Department. "We're going to continue helping out. And also working with DPI to paint the (traffic) poles, this is helping out the City where the City employees can start looking at other things 'cause we're helping them out in that aspect."

Carney is one of eleven councillors vying for an at-Large seat. One of the candidates will be eliminated as a result of the October 6 preliminary election.

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