Ward Three New Bedford City Councillor Henry Bousquet wants to see more autonomy in the way of discipline in public schools.

Bousquet says the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has stripped teachers and administrators of their ability to effectively discipline disruptive and unruly students.

Speaking on "The Barry Richard Show,” Bousquet says he'd like to see some of that disciplinary power given back to the schools. “A teacher and a principal should be able to say, ‘Listen, mom. This kid can’t come back here until he straightens this thing out. Until he’s on some meds, or he goes for some therapy, or you give him a healthy spanking.’ Whatever it takes to get this kid in line,” says Bousquet.

Bousquet's ultimate goal is to remove problem students from the classroom and place them in an alternative setting.

He says problems persist at Normandin, Keith, and Roosevelt middle schools.