The Mitchell Administration continues to plant trees in record numbers.

Mayor Jon Mitchell joined DPI workers on Friday, planting a tree on Tarkiln Hill Road, near the Jirah Swift School.  Mitchell announced the city has planted more than 1,300 trees since he took office almost four years ago.

Mitchell says there's lots of benefits from having trees along city streets. "They tend to calm traffic, they beautify neighborhoods and wherever they're planted they tend to raise property values," said the Mayor.

City Aborist Chance Perks / TSM

City Arborist Chance Perks oversees the tree-planting program. He says its important to plant different types of trees across the city. "The effort we're all making here today is really for the next generation," said Perks.

The trees are purchased wholesale for about $200 apiece. Mayor Mitchell says the funding comes from a variety of sources: donations, grants, and some from the city budget.

DPI Commissioner Ron Labelle praised his boss for the tree planting program. He says the administration is the first he can remember that's taken tree planting seriously.