NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) — New Bedford’s Pulaski Park will soon undergo a redesign that will include a new playground, more parking and a new entrance.

The City of New Bedford announced Monday that it is committing $250,000 toward the redesign of the North End park, including a new entrance on Acushnet Avenue “which will provide additional parking as well as a means of egress for buses during school hours – helping to reduce traffic congestion on Braley Road.”

The park is located behind the Casmir Pulaski Elementary School and features the mile-long Ross C. Mathieu Nature Trail, complete with vernal pool and scenic views.

“The Pulaski School community and far North End residents deserve a first-rate park. That is why I am so very pleased to make this initial allocation to launch the design process in earnest and clear the way for upgrades to the park and traffic relief at Braley Road,” Mayor Jon Mitchell said.

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The design firm of Carolyn Cooney and Associates has been retained for the planning and design process, and the firm worked with Ward 1 Councilor Brad Markey to hold community input for a future design of the 18-acre park.

“I’m very excited that we are continuing to move forward with this project and have the additional funding to do so,” Markey said.

“When I first ran for office, there were two items that kept coming up: rehabilitating the park and another entrance into the school to help alleviate traffic and for safety reasons,” he said. “This project addresses both those concerns and will make the hiking trail much more accessible – a win all the way around.”

Courtesy City of New Bedford
Courtesy City of New Bedford

Five goals were set based on feedback from the residents and from the City’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Beaches: increased functionality of the park as a recreational resource for North End residents; improving the function of the park as a Safe Route to School option; locating park amenities to allow multi-use off hours for school use where possible; maintaining or enhancing the natural character of the park; and striving for synergy between the new improvements and the existing nature trails.

Once the design phase is completed, the City will seek bids for construction.

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