I am now a senior – a low-tech senior. What I mean is I am over 65 and have little to no knowledge about how to use today's tech toys, including the TV remote and my cell phone.

Yeah, I know, there is a YouTube video for that.

As high-tech electronic devices become increasingly common, we Baby Boomers find simple tasks becoming more and more complicated.

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Our kids love us and want to make our lives easier, so they shower us with gadgets and gizmos to simplify things – and then they leave us to our own devices to learn how to use our own devices.

Roshalene Grace, Planning Assistant for Coastline, said the organization has come up with a way to help.

"We have had an overwhelming demand for cell phone classes," Grace said. "Starting in the new year, we will offer beginner and intermediate classes for both Apple and Android users."

"Folks often feel their family does not have the time or patience to help them learn how to use their devices," Grace said.

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Many seniors are looking to "gain confidence in using technology so they can communicate with their family," according to Grace.

"They want to text, send pictures and emails," she said. "With many stores or restaurants using apps or QR code menus, people need to know how to access the information."

The workshops, free of charge to people 60 and over, will be offered from January through May and are taught by retired Fairhaven elementary school teacher Kraig Perry.

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For more information or to register for the free tech classes, contact Coastline at (508) 999-6400.


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