NEW BEDFORD — A New Bedford city employee who previously pleaded guilty to accepting a bribe as a city cop has again been fired from the city, and is facing charges of theft of city property and multiple drugs offenses.

New Bedford police said 54-year-old Stephen Greany of Francis Street was working for the Department of Fleet and Facilities Management when he allegedly stole a variety of items owned by the city.

These include a gaming console, fire alarms, copper items, fireboxes, light switches, and a bullet-resistant vest, according to police.

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According to a Standard-Times article from 2000, Greany was previously convicted of identifying an undercover narcotics officer to a cocaine dealer for a bribe while working at the police department.

He pleaded guilty to conspiracy, extortion, soliciting a bribe and intimidating a grand-jury witness in that case and spent time in federal prison.

Now, police said detectives searched his Francis Street home on March 8 as part of an investigation into stolen city property.

They allegedly found the stolen items along with more than two pounds of marijuana, 30 suboxone strips, over 129 Alprazolan pills, 10 vials of testosterone steroids, and 49 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition.

He also had $6,400 in cash that police seized as possible proceeds from illicit drug dealing, police said.

Greany is facing larceny charges, possessing class B and D substances with intent to distribute, and possessing ammunition without a license.

He no longer works for the city, police said.

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