Synthetic drugs can currently be purchased in many stores in New Bedford.

However, City Councilor-at-Large Ian Abreu is hoping to change that with a motion filed in the council.

Abreu says that even though synthetic drugs are currently legal that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous, and an incident that took place in the West End proves this.

There was an incident on January 17, on Cherry Tree Ln., where there was a gentleman who was wielding a sword...and he was attacking random bystanders walking by, luckily nobody was hurt or injured," said Abreu "when the police were called and the gentleman was detained, what did they find on his person? They found a whole bunch of synthetic marijuana."

Abreu says that the motion wouldn't only look at banning the substances but would also involve improving education and outreach.

"This needs to be somewhat dovetailed into health education at the middle and high school level," said "I also feel that we need to do a better outreach campaign in regard to our constituency and residents about the dangers of these drugs."

Abreu says the outreach efforts would also involve the City's Health Director, Dr. Brenda Weiss and the mayor's office.