One of the SouthCoast's most eye-catching events is about to take place Friday, November 19, at the Hatch Street Studios in New Bedford at its annual Holiday Open Studios gathering. A stroll through the studios offered up a preview of what to expect.

"Hundreds of people will be reveling, while looking in on the more than 65 visual and performing artists in their studios," said Christian Bertram, son of the late well-known artist Christine Bertram, whose studio they took over after her passing.

"My wife, Amanda and I create larger than life LEGO builds and 3-D custom pieces. Anything you can imagine, we can make because we're artists using the medium of LEGOs," he said. "We've gotten a great response so far from followers, both here and online. You'd be surprised how such a simple thing draws so many people."

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Two floors down, Amy Lund, a noted handweaver, shares a large studio space with artist and college professor of art at Bridgewater State University Lori Bradley.

"I do artful handweaving with woven textiles," Lund said. "For over 26 years in business, I make table linens, chef's towels, rugs, blankets, scarves, purses, altar cloths and, well, just look around at the multitude of hand made fine textiles designed for special occasions or things for everyday use."

Bradley, who has loved to paint since a child, said her oil paintings, acrylics, ceramics and mosaics are in between traditional and non-traditional art.

"This is a main event because I'll meet new clients from it," Bradley said. The art sells between $65-$900 for her oil paintings. "I do a lot of my work up in the Berkshires in the summer and bring it down here in the fall."

There is artwork that can be worn as well.

"I'm a jeweler," said Diana Arvanites, "And I have a passionate drive to create and reinvent things and give them new life."

Her palatial studio will feature her incredible art along with live entertainment, as people mill around in this repurposed factory. "My studio is a haven for misfit item," she said. "I have people bring in jewelry they have no more use for, or jewelry they want restyled, like a strand of pearls that are too plain and they'll ask me to make something contemporary out of it."

This is one of two open studio events a year, and it's a great place for holiday gifts and ideas. The Hatch Street Studios are located at 88-90 Hatch Street. For more information call (774) 473-5078.

New Bedford's Hatch Street Studios Holiday Open Studios Gathering Photos

One of the SouthCoast's most eye-catching events is about to take place Friday, November 19, at the Hatch Street Studios, at its annual Holiday Open Studios gathering.

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