Following a U.S. District judge's ruling against the Department of the Interior regarding land in trust, a New Bedford casino advocate is still holding out hope for something big in the Whaling City.

Former New Bedford City Councillor David Alves says he sees this case being taken to the Supreme Court. Alves hopes that whatever happens works out in New Bedford's favor, considering that Eversource has begun moving to a new site from their lcoation on the waterfront. He tells WBSM News there's only one industry he knows of that has enough capital to make use of that site. "The Feds don't have it. The state doesn't have it. The City doesn't have it. I'm hoping they invite a private developer back, and a casino would be the only developer with cash in their pocket," says Alves.

Alves says ever since the Department of the Interior granted the tribe land in trust in Taunton last year, he's had his concerns. "I could not believe that a single federal agency, just an agency, could have the ability to override the Supreme Court's decision on the Carcieri Act. And that brought the whole issue into question," said Alves. "And there's been a grey area, a cloud over it, for some time now."

Alves says from the beginning, the Taunton casino proposal by the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe was questionable, and is not surprised a federal judge has ruled against the tribe and the Department of the Interior.

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