UPDATE: This story has been updated to include a statement from Pub 6T5 owner Jessica Moore. 

NEW BEDFORD — A New Bedford pub will continue to work with a local event promoter — even after he allegedly bit the DJ during a brawl at the bar earlier this year.

As noted during an April 24 city licensing board meeting, police were called to Pub 6T5 on Ashley Boulevard in the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb. 25 for a large brawl.

When officers arrived, the patrons were already leaving — but employees said that there had been a fight, and the officers saw blood drops near the rear entrance, according to a police report cited in the meeting minutes.

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New Bedford Police Catch Man Who Hit Officer Before Fleeing
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New Bedford Police spokesman Lt. Scott Carola said about half an hour later, at around 1:30 a.m., officers were sent to St. Luke's Hospital to speak to a stabbing victim.

The man had sustained a small cut to his leg, Carola said.

He told the officers that his injury happened during a large group fight at Pub 6T5 involving around 20-30 people, which then spilled out into the parking lot behind the building, according to the report.

The next day, that Sunday morning, a man came to police headquarters and reported that he had been bitten on the finger by another man during the fight.

According to the police report, the man said he was hired to DJ the Friday night event at the North End bar.

He told officers that the man who allegedly bit him was the event promoter.

Carola said that a court complaint has been requested in connection to the incident.

Pub 6T5 owner Jessica Moore told Fun107 that the details "sound a lot more salacious than what actually took place that night."

"We learned some lessons from it, and have made changes to keep something like this from happening again in the future," she added.

"I believe in people and I believe in second chances, which is why after nearly two years of successful work with the promoter I did not see it fit to break off the relationship based on a fight that was not initiated by him."

City Hall in New Bedford, Massachusetts
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Licensing Board Hearing and Decision

Late last month, the New Bedford Licensing Board held a hearing on the Pub 6T5 altercation to determine if the establishment violated any regulations — and the meeting minutes were published last week.

At the hearing, pub owner Jessica Moore told board members that the DJ was new and the promoter may have been overserved that night, according to the minutes.

Moore said she has been using the promoter for over a year with no incidents, and she has a good working relationship with the company, so she intends to continue working with him.

However, she promised she would be present at every large Pub 6T5 event going forward.

The board voted unanimously to place a record of the incident on file.

Pub 6T5 owner Jessica Moore has provided WBSM with the following statement:

"Anyone that has met me knows that when asked the question, ‘Why did you move from California to New Bedord of all places?’, my answer is ‘Because I love the community and the authenticity of the people here.’ Two years ago when the opportunity to buy Pub 6T5 was presented to me I was thrilled to jump in headfirst and become a part of the incredible North End community. I've used my platform as an owner to raise thousands of dollars for multiple charities including Friends of Jack Foundation, Mission 22, Amber Mello Scholarship Foundation and Food for Tots. In addition to raising money for my community, I have promoted sustainable practices to better our environment such as switching to all compostable straws and carrying only sustainably sourced boxed water. We have promoted events that appeal not just to one demographic but to all including open mic poetry nights, board game meetups, musical bingo, drag shows, trivia, and hosting bands of all musical styles from country to rock to pop hits and everything in between. The incident that took place on the night of February 24 was unfortunate but I am proud of the way my staff handled it. A fight broke out which unfortunately is not unheard of in bars in this area and others. I don’t think anyone who owns a bar in this city can claim that they’ve never had to break up a fight. Overall the injuries that were sustained were minor. Nobody was seriously injured. Nobody has been arrested. The details sound a lot more salacious than what actually took place that night. We handled this situation as best we could by immediately turning on lights and clearing the room to get everyone safely home. We learned some lessons from it, and have made changes to keep something like this from happening again in the future. I believe in people and I believe in second chances which is why after nearly two years of successful work with the promoter I did not see it fit to break off the relationship based on a fight that was not initiated by him. Ultimately what we have offered this city with our 30+ Nights has been a beautiful experience of racial, economic and age diversity. Based on everything that I know right now, I stand by my actions and our response to keep the patrons of Pub 6T5 safe. If more information comes out in the future, I will certainly adjust how we proceed in an appropriate manner."

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