A New Bedford man is charged after police search his home in connection with a homicide in Boston.

Boston Police had received information that two suspects in connection to a homicide in the state's capitol may be in hiding at an apartment at 191 Belleville Avenue in New Bedford.

New Bedford and Boston detectives conducted surveillance of the property and, late Monday morning, police approached the resident at the apartment, 40-year-old Steven Glover, requesting to search his apartment. With permission, police searched the home, and found a shotgun and ammunition. The two suspects were not at the apartment.

Police charged Glover with unlawful possession of a rifle/shotgun, unlawful possession of ammunition, and improper storage of a firearm.

Boston Police say the two suspects in question are wanted in relation to a murder on March 21 in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood. Early that morning, police say two people were shot on Humboldt Avenue. One of the victims, 28-year-old Allex Bryant, succumbed to his injuries. One man has been arrested in Atlanta, GA, in connection with the homicide.

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