Good news and bad news for those who endure the detours and slow downs on Coggeshall Street in New Bedford.

The good news: City crews are in the final phase of replacing sewer lines and other undergound infrastructure on the street, and should be done by winter.

The bad news: the State has more work to do in the area in the spring. DPI

Commissioner Ron Labelle tells WBSM News once his crews are finished, MASSDOT will begin reconstructing the street once the weather allows. "The entire length of Coggeshall Street, basically from Purchase Street to Belleville Avenue, will be reconstructed. And we'll finally be out of the neighborhood and out of everybody's hair," said Labelle.

Labelle says some of the underground infrastructure on Coggeshall Street dates back to 1893, and was in serious need of upgrading.

The City project carries a pricetag of $11.5 million.