Some city residents have not been happy with Capitol Waste Services, Inc., the company hired to pick up New Bedford's trash and recyclables. The Mitchell Administration said it hears your concerns, and so will the new trash hauler.

The City of New Bedford entered into a three-year, $26.4 million contract with Boston-based Capitol Waste Services, Inc. in June when the pact with E.L. Harvey Waste & Recycling expired.

Mayor Jon Mitchell told WBSM's Marcus Ferro and Chris McCarthy that "they were not the lowest bidder."

"It was close on cost, but there was just a very strong feeling their services were going to be the most complete and reliable, and that's why we went with them," he said when announcing the contract.

New Bedford Addressing Resident Complaints About Trash Bins
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"We're very confident this is a company, Capitol, that will provide our residents the service they expect and deserve," Mitchell said.

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The honeymoon with Capitol was short with some city residents, especially in neighborhoods densely packed with three-deckers.

The most common complaints involve trash bins left in the street that block parking spaces and driveways, and in some cases, bins are knocked over and are difficult for some residents to turn upright.

New Bedford Addressing Resident Complaints About Trash Bins
Barry Richard/Townsquare Media

New Bedford's Department of Fleet and Facilities Management Director, Jennifer Vieira, said the City has heard those complaints.

"We have brought these concerns to the attention of Capitol Waste Services and made clear that we expect the company to take more care in the way barrels are returned to the curb after being emptied," she said.

"The company's takeover of the municipal solid waste contract earlier this summer has meant that new drivers had to become familiar with the nuances of their assigned routes, so it's not unreasonable to expect occasional lapses," Vieira said.

"That said, our priority is to ensure that the company meets the service standards our residents expect," she said.

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