Many folks have had their say about New Bedford, and much of it has not been positive. Boston Herald columnist Peter Lucas upset New Bedfordites in 1982 when he referred to the city as a "pit."

The column earned Lucas a scolding from then-Mayor John A. "Jack" Markey, who led the scribe on a tour of the city. Lucas limped back to Boston, no worse for the wear.

It got me wondering, why anyone would want to live here anyway?

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Move to New Bedford

Why would anyone want to move to New Bedford when they'd have to deal with all of these things?

Gallery Credit: Barry Richard

Check Out Some of New Bedford's Best Street Art

There have been many artists that have graced New Bedford with their creativity. Let's check out some of their work!

Gallery Credit: Aliana Liz Tavares

Hilarious New Bedford Slideshow Has Travel Site Catfishing Tourists

A travel website called has created an online 'story' enticing potential tourists to visit beautiful New Bedford, Massachusetts. The only problem? It features photos that hilariously have nothing to do with the Whaling City. This is what happens when you let AI do your job for you.

Gallery Credit: Tim Weisberg

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