School officials say Student Success Centers in New Bedford middle schools are helping get to the root of behavior issues.

On Thursday afternoon, the Ad Hoc Committee on student climate met with New Bedford Public School Wraparound Manager William Dilaney to discuss the disciplinary system.

While the results aren't uniform, New Bedford Superintendent Pia Durkin said the system has been working better in some grades and schools better than others.

Dilaney tells WBSM News the time spent with adjustment councilors and special education teachers help students work through issues.

When in-class problems occur, school administrators can determine that time in the Success Center is the best option. After speaking with Success Center teachers, students can spend anywhere from the rest of the period to the rest of the day in the room, and away from regular classroom settings.

"They're processing a lot of deeper issues that they may not get out normally, so those types of kids we're seeing a lot of progress with. The kids that are coming sometimes have behavioral issues. It sometimes takes a little longer than others," Dilaney said.

Students coming off of suspensions will also spend a day in the Success Center to help transition back into a regular class.

So, if a student was suspended for three days, they would spend day four in the Success Center, where they would receive work from their regular teachers, along with discuss how they're doing with councilors.

Durkin said the work done in the Success Center helps the staff gather data on the students. This information helps the schools track long-term issues with students.