After dominating the Milwaukee Bucks in round one, round two of the playoffs for the Heat is bit more difficult playing the Chicago Bulls. Things got heated between the two teams, and LeBron James and Nazr Mohammed got into a bit of a shoving match. 

Rewind back to March. LeBron James calls out the Chicago Bulls for being a dirty basketball team. Chicago, without Derrick Rose, didn't seem like they would be contenders, but they look determined.

Okay, back to now. LeBron James and the Heat were shocked in game one when Chicago beat the Heat. In game two Miami totally dominated the Bulls, and game three was close and tempers were rising. LeBron James and Nazr Mohammed got into it, and James shoved Mohammed to the ground - resulting in a technical. After that, Mohammed retaliated by going after James - resulting in an ejection.

The Heat ended up winning game three 104-94, taking a 2-1 series lead. Let's just hope this series doesn't get any uglier.