We can agree that food shopping isn't cheap. I want to hear about off-brands you reach for that you'll swear by.

Is there a generic brand you choose over its name brand? Grocery shelves are filled with the popular brands, almost always more expensive, compared to bargain-priced items that can taste or work just as well as the national brand.

For instance, is store brand bacon just as good as Oscar Mayer? When it comes to conditioners and shampoos - Pantene, VO5 or generic? Domino vs. store brand sugar? Iams and Meow Mix, or store brand pet food?

Do you have to have Jiff, or can it be an off-brand? My wife Celeste will not allow any ketchup in the house unless its Heinz.

And some of the cheese is produced by the big named brands but packaged generically.

Perhaps the most iconic example of food brand rivalry is that of Oreo vs. Hydrox. Did you hear that recently Hydrox accused Oreo of trying to hide their products on store shelves? Whether it's Chobani vs. store brand, or Aunt Jemima vs. generic, I want to know, are you true blue to the national logos, or are foods from the lower shelves just as good, if not better?

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