I was reading where Back Door Donuts, a night-loving institution on Martha's Vineyard for over 70 years through different owners and brand names, is coming to Boston on March 15.

It will be selling the freshest nocturnal donuts as a new pop-up at Loretta's Last Call on Lansdowne Street between 7 p.m. until 2 a.m.

I used to love late, late-night eateries.

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Going over some memories to the early summer of 1970, I see myself sloshing and splattering intoxicants at the Blue Anchor Pub on Main Street in Hyannis.

Imagine yourself a 21-year-old barkeep who hadn't sewn all the oats yet, working in a hyperactive and boisterous saloon with hellraisers three and four deep. I'm willing to wager that the wonderful Arvanites family regretted hiring "that nice Greek boy."

It was non-stop pandemonium from one of the busiest spots on Main Street, generating some of the best memories ever.

At closing time, many of us high-spirited employees would be hungry, but there wasn't anything like Back Door Donuts around there, however, there was the famous breakfast place where the Egg and I is presently, who's name escapes me, that had a line to get eggs benedict at 3 a.m. in the morning!

How many years do the statutes of limitations last? The poor people who worked at another late-night spot, whose sign had a different color for each of the letters in The Pancake Man, would give our horde the death stare when they saw us come in.

I have to admit, we weren't the best behaved customers. I suppose the only reason they didn't bar us from coming in was we tipped really well.

There I am with my peers, in the middle of the night, after working a really busy shift, trying to wind down and relax at the late-night roadhouse – my feet hurting and overly tired but my mind not wanting to shut off. Sound familiar?

I'd be remiss if I didn't apologize to my elderly landlord for waking her every time I'd stumble in just before sunrise. I can still hear her from behind the door, grumbling something in Portuguese with a swear word inserted perfectly.

As of late, I've been indulging in reminiscence, and remembering back with deep pleasure.

Reviving those thoughts, I'm not bummed out because those light-hearted, reckless days are gone. Rather, I'm like a dog with two tails just because it all happened.

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