There is a new documentary series that is airing on HBO and streaming on Max about a cult that may have a connection to the SouthCoast.

The three-part series is titled Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God, and according to an HBO press release, it “chronicles the life and death of Amy Carlson, also known as ‘Mother God,’ a self-proclaimed spiritual savior who promised an escape from the ‘3D’ world via her online manifestos and live-streaming sessions.”

Carlson’s mummified body was found in her bed in Colorado in April 2021, several weeks after she passed away. Her body had been kept in a sort of makeshift shrine by her Love Has Won followers, who believed that “Mother God” had actually ascended to another state of being.

Courtesy Warner Bros. Discovery
Courtesy Warner Bros. Discovery

Authorities believe she died at age 45 due to alcohol abuse, anorexia and ingesting large amounts of colloidal silver, which the Love Has Won group promoted as a universal cure-all.

The group originated in Colorado and spent time in Oregon, Florida, California and Hawaii (and eventually was renamed 5D Full Disclosure and moved to Vermont) so what does it have to do with the SouthCoast?

It turns out there may have been followers trying to spread the word here before Carlson’s death, or they could be tied into a completely different religious group. We’re still not sure.

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Back in 2018, we first reported that there were instances of people being approached in Massachusetts stores by people asking if the shopper “knew about Mother God,” and then proceeding to tell them of her teachings.

At the time, there were rumors that the “Mother God people” were tied into human trafficking, but that was never substantiated. There was also speculation that they were members of the World Mission Society Church of God, which believes in “God the Mother,” and had been approaching students at Boston University earlier that year.

There was also a report of potential WMSCOG followers approaching people in the Dartmouth TJ Maxx in January 2019, and again in March 2019 in the Target store in the Wareham Crossing shopping plaza.

Some reports indicated that the zealots spoke of “Mother God,” others that they actually mentioned “God the Mother.” These are two distinctly different beliefs.

So were these instances of the WMSCOG approaching people, or members of the Love Has Won cult? One is a legitimate church, albeit with sketchy recruitment techniques, while the other was a cult built around one woman and her beliefs.

The World Mission Society Church of God does have locations in Connecticut, so perhaps they were sending disciples further up New England to spread the word. However, Love Has Won may have been out here seeking followers before its impending move to Vermont.

Either way, Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God is well worth a watch. The first episode has already been released, and Episode 2 airs tonight. The third episode will premiere on HBO and Max on November 27.

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