Even as President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were touching down in Iraq,  where they visited American troops for Christmas, the carping had already begun here at home. The national media, led primarily by NBC, was attacking Trump for being the first president since 2002 not to visit troops in a combat zone for the holiday.

More fake news.

Some on Twitter even suggested that the Trumps hurriedly put together the trip at the last moment after hearing those media reports. As if flying the first couple into a war zone undetected can be accomplished in the wink of an eye. Morons.

The press hates surprises, especially when it makes Trump look good. How repulsive it must have been to them when the troops chanted "USA, USA" in unison as Trump appeared from behind the curtain with our beautiful First Lady in tow.

CNN had a freakout when a soldier actually dared to ask Trump to sign his MAGA hat. Imagine that, a combat soldier in a war zone with a hat that states "Make America Great Again!" Oh my God, he might offend the enemy.

The behavior of the national media has become so predictable. It's childish, boring and self-serving.

Retail sales were up more than five percent this Christmas. The economy is steaming. Record numbers of people are working. New trade deals are bearing fruit and China is backing down on its trade tariffs. And that's all just this week.

Perhaps some of these Eeyores in the national media need to try on a MAGA hat and get in the game. Things are going really well for the American people. Experience it. Report on it. Tell the people the truth.

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