The nearing end of the legislative session could authorize a sort of change in ownership of State Pier in New Bedford.

State Senator Mark Montigny has filed an amendment to Governor Charlie Baker's economic development bill that would allow the Department of Conservation and Recreation to lease the aging State Pier to MassDevelopment for up to 25 years.

If approved, Montigny tells WBSM News that time would be used to revitalize the 8-acre waterfront property, much like what was done with the City's downtown over a decade ago. "We used state resources to develop the infrastructure, but then leveraged millions of dollars in private investment," says Montigny. "So now that we've finished Route 18, there's a great vision we've been working on for years on the waterfront centered around State Pier."

MassDevelopment would be able to sublease portions of the property to mixed-use developers. Montigny also filed another amendment requesting $25 million for improvements within Designated Port areas outside of Boston, including New Bedford.

Both amendments are being discussed in a conference committee ahead of the end of the legislative session on July 31.

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